Keyboard Shortcuts for Notification Center

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@AdamBetts asked:

In Yosemite is there no way to set shortcut/mouse button for Today/Notification separately? Seems odd to have no option for that.

Turns out there’s no “proper” way to do this. So, we resort to Apple’s recently revamped Scripting Tools to kludge together a solution that just clicks the UI elements.

With the help of the trusty “Accessibility”, we can work out the following AppleScript methods:

To call these methods from the keyboard, we hook into OSX’s system-wide Services by creating a custom Service in Automator that takes no input from all applications. We can then assign a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > Services. The result:

Notification Center Pane Shortcuts

Here’s a package with the two services you need: